vip cinema seating


Due to the large crowd flow in the cinema, the interior of the seat is supported by an iron frame, and the surface of the seat is fixed with a spring device, so the quality of the chair is very good. the supporting material in the interior of the seat can also can be replaced by solid wood if necessary.

The back is ergonomically sized, and an electric device can be added to the interior of the seat to adjust the Angle of the back and the footrest. You will feel very comfortable when you sit on this sofa watching a movie.

The surface of the seat can be super fiber or leather. It can be fireproofed.

You can add a replaceable arm rest or a practical small table to the armrest.

USB charging, cooling cupholder, air purification, headphone jack... Whatever you want to add on your cinema sofa, just tell us, we will do.

    !*The details and materials of different models may be different. You can download the PDF file to get the exact information, or mail us.